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Thomas Ryan
The Ottoman Conspiracy

Thomas Ryan
Thomas Ryan

Former Special Forces soldier Jeff Bradley is in Italy when an old friend makes contact. Barry is travelling with a group of New Zealanders,  Australians and Americans who have attended an ANZAC day commemoration on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey. Barry's message reads their bus has been hijacked by terrorists. Bradley turns on CNN, and the screen shows the bus and the police tailing at a distance. A voiceover explains the bus is strapped with explosives. After two days, the voiceover explains, it will have crossed Turkey to its northern borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran. The hijackers have warned if they are not permitted to escape into one of these countries, they will set off the explosives killing themselves and their hostages. The screenshot switches to a press conference with the Turkish president stating he won't negotiate with the hijackers and has ordered his military to stop the bus from leaving the country.

Determined to rescue his friend, Bradley flies to Istanbul. Joining forces with a US black ops agent, Reason Johanson, he chases after the bus.

Now it's a race against time. Can Bradley and Johanson stop the bus and free the hostages? Or will they run out of road?

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